East Coast Trip : Surfers Paradise

I left Byron Bay on Tuesday 14th of February  and it’s safe to say there was nothing to love about the journey because I spent most of it in the toilet spewing. One day I’ll remember busing it up with a hangover isn’t ideal.

Once I  got off the bus and saw that Bunk Backpackers was right across the street my hangover didn’t seem so bad after all.

I’ve stayed in A LOT of hostels but I noticed Bunk offers some extra things over other hostelsvehuch was quite nice.  The beds are like little pods and inside your locker is a safe and USB ports. The hostel also has other nice facilities like a jacuzzi, swimming pool, lockers for dry food, 2gb free WiFi, a massive kitchen and it is super clean. I took the picture below before the pool opened so I wouldn’t seem like a creep!


I’ve been to Surfers Paradise before so I have just been spending my days wandering around the town and beach. If you aren’t aware, Surfers is known for partying so at night I’ve just been drinking as usual!


At the moment the Safari Sand Arts Festival 2017 is on so there’s lots of cool sand art to check out.



East Coast : Byron Bay

Although this is my third time visiting Byron Bay, I thought I’d include it in my East Coast trip because you can’t get enough of Byron!

Today is my last day staying at Backpackers Holiday Village as tomorrow I’m moving onto Surfers Paradise. The last time I was in Byron I stayed at the same hostel where I had to share a kitchen and bathroom etc with everyone else (like most hostels) but this time around I was lucky enough to be put in a wee 8 bed apartment!


I have been spending my days relaxing on the beach ie getting sunburnt and my nights having a drink or two!

Plus I  forgot I was in boiling hot Australia when I decided to go for a little cycle…it definitely felt like an extreme workout.


I also bumped into a friend whom I met whilst I was in Melbourne which was a nice surprise… I swear when you are travelling you always run into someone you know!

The most touristy thing to do is the lighthouse walk which is really pretty. I’ve did it twice already so this time around I gave it a miss but I’ve included some pictures below from my previous trips to the lighthouse!

East Coast Itinerary

When I first arrived in Australia (March 2016)  I had the intention of slowly travelling from Sydney to Cairns. However, once I reached Brisbane I accidentally ended up staying for four months at Summer House Backpackers.

This time around I’ve went back to Sydney and organised my East Coast trip with the travel agent Happy Travels. This means my hostels, tours, boats and buses etc are all booked in advance and I can’t accidentally get settled anywhere again. Plus with my first year visa ending in March I need to get on the move!

I’ve posted my itinenary below:


Orange square with lines = nightbus. Orange square without = day bus.

BY =Byron Bay
SP = Surfers Paradise
N = Noosa
RB = Rainbow Beach
AB = Airlie Beach
C = Cairns
Total Cost : $2381 (this doesn’t include kayaking or the two nights in RB because I blagged them for free).

Friday 10th – Tuesday 14th Feb : Byron Bay.  4 nights at Backpackers Holiday Village.

Tuesday 14th – Thurs 16th Feb :Surfers Paradise. 2 nights at Bunk Backpackers.

Thurs 16th – Sunday  19th Feb : Noosa. 3 nights at Nomads. On Saturday 18th I’m going swimming with some crocs in the Everglades! :http://www.kanukapersaustralia.com/noosa-everglades-one-day-guided-kayak-tour

Sunday 19th Feb : Rainbow Beach. Pippies beach house.

Monday 20th – 23rd Feb : Fraser Island.  Pippies 3 Day /2 night Fraser Island 4×4 Camping Safari with 2 night accommodation. http://pippiesbeachhouse.com.au/

Thursday 23rd February : After Fraser Island, I go back to Rainbow Beach to get the bus to Airlie Beach. Seeing as it’s a 17 hour bus journey, I’m stopping at Hervey Bay for 3 hours.
Friday 24th –  Sunday 25th Feb : Airlie Beach. Nomads Hostel.
Sunday 26th – Tuesday 28th Feb: Oz Sail:Spank Me 2 day 2 night Whitsundays Sailing. https://www.ozsail.com.au/spank-me/
I am so excited to do the Whitsundays!!
Tuesday 28th February  : Airlie Beach, Nomads Hostel.
Wednesday 1st – Friday 3rd March : Magnetic Island…Koalas! I’ll be staying at Bungalow Bay and playing with Koalas for two nights.
Friday 3rd – Tuesday 7th March: Cairns.  4 nights staying at Giligans  Backpackers Hostel. On Monday 6th March I’m doing a day tour to Cape Tribulation – http://unclebrian.com.au/1-day-tour
I have included transportation below too encase you’re curious –  the above will probably make more sense now. P.s I’m using my phone to write all this so excuse the formatting.
My visa ends on March 13th so I’ll need to decide soon whether to visit some other countries or apply for my second year straight away.


When you are travelling, everyone back home asks the same questions; where are you now? What have you been up to? How much does it cost to travel in X for a month?  so as you can imagine it becomes a bit of a repetitive chore after a while. By the time you get around to replying you’ve been to three countries in three days, drinking yourself into a coma (gotta love buckets) or ended up in hospital thanks to a Thai masseuse.

As a result, I have decided to start blogging so it is a little easier to keep my family and friends updated (not so I stop forgetting details of my travels!).

Although I didn’t bring a laptop with me and I am constantly on the move, plenty of backpackers find the time to write about their travels so it’s time to stop making excuses!

Therefore, I hope you all enjoy reading my future blog posts and of course you are all still welcome to pester me on Facebook with travel questions! 😀

– Sarah

**For now feel free to check out my instagram page which I’ve been keeping updated : Sarah_scott1 **