I knew I wanted to go travelling at some point in my life but if I am being honest thought of actually leaving terrified me. It wasn’t until the start of 2015 that I realised I was now in my mid-twenties and still saying I’ll go travelling…one day.  I was wasting my days away working in a call centre and living for the weekend – I really hated this boring lifestyle and needed out! In May 2015 I applied for an Australian working holiday visa and booked a one-way ticket to Bangkok.

17903463_10212827727870264_1446113800021985135_nIt is so cliche to say but travelling alone has been the best decision I have ever made – it pushes you out of your comfort zone, builds on your confidence and provides complete freedom/flexibility to do what you want.  A lot of people make the presumption that solo travelling as a female is unsafe but it’s really not as scary as you think  – common sense and trusting your instinct helps!

My highlights have been skydiving; becoming a certified Open Water Diver (18m); The Tongariro Alphine Crossing; camping and driving a four wheel drive around the worlds largest sand island, Fraser Island; Franz Josef Heli-Hike; White-Water Rafting; down the Kaituna River and it’s 7m waterfall; accepting that creepy crawlies will be your friend whether you like it or not, not coming home with a shit I went to Asia tattoo and finally liking beer.

19146196_10213477784601276_4628043664813893931_nCountries I have visited :

  • UK (Home)
  • Netherlands x3
  • Greek Islands – Zante, Crete and Corfu
  • Turkey
  • Spain
  • USA (Florida x2)
  • Thailand x2
  • Vietnam x2
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore x2
  • India
  • Cambodia
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Laos
  • Hungary x3
  • Germany
  • Czech Republic x3
  • Austria
  • Slovenia
  • Slovakia
  • Croatia
  • Poland

I said I would keep this blog up to date but it really was too hard without a laptop! If you want recommendations or advice about any countries just send me a message instead. 🙂