New Zealand : Auckland

After my airport fiasco (see previous post) I arrived during the night in Auckland on Monday 13 March.  For the first two nights I stayed at YHA because it was close to the airport shuttle stop and included free WiFi. Normally I don’t stay at YHA hostels because there’s never much atmosphere but it’s always  nice to relax after a hectic day.

I then moved to Haka Lodge hostel on ‘K Road’ for five nights which was nice and environmentally friendly.  K Road is full of bars, quirky restaurants, vintage shops, strip clubs and kebab takeaways so depending what you’re into you might enjoy it up there!
During my time in Auckland I explored the city, checked out Mt Eden, unfortunately spent money shopping and took advantage of the free library computers (exciting times).  At night I did the usual backpacker things like pub crawls and free pizza/punch nights. I also went to the Sky City Casino which would have been fun if I didn’t loose money…thankfully it wasn’t that much.
If you have time you need to check out Sal’s for an 18 inch pizza and Joy’s Ice-cream, delicious.

George in the park festival

 After hosteling it up I spent the weekend at my friend Emma’s flat which I am so not jealous of at all!  On Saturday we headed to a free music festival which was fun, although watching Emma trying to get through her St Paddy’s Day hangover might have been the best part.
On my last day in Auckland I organised a rough itinerary for my Kiwi Experience journey over the next 7 weeks. I will explain all this in my next post because if you haven’t noticed by my snapchat (xsarahscott) or Instagram (Sarah_scott1) I’ve already started my trip,  I am just unfortunately behind on Facebook and of course here!

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