Trying to get out of Australia

I woke up on Sunday 12 March feeling positive about my next adventure, until I lost my passport on the way to the airport and was refused my flight to New Zealand.

Whilst on route to Cairns Airport I received a call which made me realise that I was in the wrong shuttle bus – for once it wasn’t actually my fault and the drivers mistake.  As we weren’t too far away from the hostel he dropped me off and picked up the poor lad whom he was  meant to collect, which seemed easy enough, until I noticed that I’d left my small backpack with my passport, money and valuables on the wrong bus.

Thankfully the bus operators were sister companies so it wasn’t too complicated to liase with them.  Finally, we were reunited and the panic was over, well you would think…

When I went to check-in I was refused my flight to New Zealand because I didn’t have an onward ticket. With limited time and getting myself into a panic, Quantas allowed me to board my flight to Brisbane because I wouldn’t be leaving the country. I tried my luck again in Brisbane but unfortunately the same situation happened, I needed proof that I was going to leave New Zealand.

I quickly tried to find a cheap flight online which would be useful in a few weeks but with the check-in desk almost closing, I had no choice but to let the Flight Centre book a “cheap” ticket back to Australia.

Now that means I’ll either have to apply for my second working holiday visa (if you get investigated it can take weeks), apply for a tourist visa and buy a flight out of Australia, contact Quantas to try change it or don’t get on the flight at all.m

Although most countries I’ve been to  don’t seem to ask for your onward proof of travel (in my experience), New Zealand appears to be really strict in enforcing this rule. Therefore, to avoid any hassle make sure that you have one or you could end up spending a fortune like myself! Alternatively, you could purchase a fake ticket but because I was so rushed I didn’t think about that option until it was too late.

On a positive note my two Qantas flights were really good and they included nice meals and drinks.

With regards to my blog, you’d think being on buses and planes etc would give me all of time in the world to keep this updated, however, attempting to write whilst trying to get through a hangover mixed with motion sickness all of the time isn’t as easy as it sounds.  Plus if you could see the state of my smashed up phone you’d understand why I hate using it.


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