East Coast : Whitsunday Islands and Airlie Beach

As I’ve been moving further North almost every second day and doing lots of activities it’s been getting quite hard to keep this blog updated but I’ll catch up eventually.

After a lovely 18 hour bus journey from Rainbow Beach, I finally arrived in Airlie Beach on Friday 24th February.  Airlie Beach is a small tropical town which I thought was really nice because it has a lot to offer, especially for backpackers. It is also the gateway to the Whitsunday Islands so that obviously was a plus too. 



Airlie Beach Lagoon


I spent two nights at Nomads Airlie Beach and I was pleasantly surprised at how nice it was because every Nomads I’ve stayed in hasn’t been the greatest of hostels. 

On Sunday, 3rd of March I packed my cider and bikinis and headed towards the harbor to board the sailing boat, Spank Me! If you’re anything like me and suffer from motion sickness, I highly recommend buying Kwell’s from your local pharmacy.

 I spent two nights and two days sailing and snorkeling around a variety of islands in the Whitsundays.  Despite constantly looking out for sharks, swimming in the Great Barrier Reef was such a beautiful and amazing experience. I only have one underwater picture but I’m sure most of you have seen it already on documentaries.


Luncheon Bay

Unfortunately I can’t remember the names of every place we stopped so I’ve stolen this list from their website to give you an idea : Whitehaven Beach, Hayman Island, Hook Island, Whitsunday Island, and Boarder Island, with snorkeling stops at Blue Pearl Bay, Luncheon Bay, Caves Cove, plus plenty of other top locations.

 At night you could fall asleep on the  deck whilst watching the stars (which was stunning because you were in pitch blackness) but it was so windy I always just went inside after a while.The food on board was unreal and  as someone said, it was literally enough to kill someone so I was extremely happy that I never got hungry!

On Tuesday we sailed back to Airlie Beach where I  ripped half of my hair out trying to brush it (there’s no showers on board).  At night  I headed out for the Spank Me after party and because it’s ladies night on Tuesday’s I drank for free all night. Unfortunately drinking shitty cheap wine seemed like a good idea until the next day when I almost died getting myself to Magnetic Island.

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