East Coast Trip : Noosa

I arrived in Nomads Backpackers on Thursday evening so the only logical thing to do was to head out for some free pizza and goon at Peterpans. Whilst I was there I won a $25 voucher for drinks and food at KB’s bar so that was a good start to the evening!

On Friday myself and two of my roomies headed to the Noosa National Park. We started at the Tanglewood Track then finished with Coastal Track back towards Noosa Main beach. With the boiling sun and forest hills it’s safe to say we were fighting for the showers when we got back!


Noosa National Park

On Saturday I went Kayaking at the Noosa Everglades where I had my own tour guide which was a surprise –  I also didn’t realise I’d be kayaking for 5 hours!  I had never been kayaking before so it definitely was an experience, especially for my arms. Here are some pictures:

On another note, the check-in process for Nomads (Noosa) and wait for food is so slow that you could probably get to another country quicker.


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