East Coast Trip : Surfers Paradise

I left Byron Bay on Tuesday 14th of February  and it’s safe to say there was nothing to love about the journey because I spent most of it in the toilet spewing. One day I’ll remember busing it up with a hangover isn’t ideal.

Once I  got off the bus and saw that Bunk Backpackers was right across the street my hangover didn’t seem so bad after all.

I’ve stayed in A LOT of hostels but I noticed Bunk offers some extra things over other hostelsvehuch was quite nice.  The beds are like little pods and inside your locker is a safe and USB ports. The hostel also has other nice facilities like a jacuzzi, swimming pool, lockers for dry food, 2gb free WiFi, a massive kitchen and it is super clean. I took the picture below before the pool opened so I wouldn’t seem like a creep!


I’ve been to Surfers Paradise before so I have just been spending my days wandering around the town and beach. If you aren’t aware, Surfers is known for partying so at night I’ve just been drinking as usual!


At the moment the Safari Sand Arts Festival 2017 is on so there’s lots of cool sand art to check out.



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