East Coast : Byron Bay

Although this is my third time visiting Byron Bay, I thought I’d include it in my East Coast trip because you can’t get enough of Byron!

Today is my last day staying at Backpackers Holiday Village as tomorrow I’m moving onto Surfers Paradise. The last time I was in Byron I stayed at the same hostel where I had to share a kitchen and bathroom etc with everyone else (like most hostels) but this time around I was lucky enough to be put in a wee 8 bed apartment!


I have been spending my days relaxing on the beach ie getting sunburnt and my nights having a drink or two!

Plus I  forgot I was in boiling hot Australia when I decided to go for a little cycle…it definitely felt like an extreme workout.


I also bumped into a friend whom I met whilst I was in Melbourne which was a nice surprise… I swear when you are travelling you always run into someone you know!

The most touristy thing to do is the lighthouse walk which is really pretty. I’ve did it twice already so this time around I gave it a miss but I’ve included some pictures below from my previous trips to the lighthouse!


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