When you are travelling, everyone back home asks the same questions; where are you now? What have you been up to? How much does it cost to travel in X for a month?  so as you can imagine it becomes a bit of a repetitive chore after a while. By the time you get around to replying you’ve been to three countries in three days, drinking yourself into a coma (gotta love buckets) or ended up in hospital thanks to a Thai masseuse.

As a result, I have decided to start blogging so it is a little easier to keep my family and friends updated (not so I stop forgetting details of my travels!).

Although I didn’t bring a laptop with me and I am constantly on the move, plenty of backpackers find the time to write about their travels so it’s time to stop making excuses!

Therefore, I hope you all enjoy reading my future blog posts and of course you are all still welcome to pester me on Facebook with travel questions! 😀

– Sarah

**For now feel free to check out my instagram page which I’ve been keeping updated : Sarah_scott1 **


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